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Giraf is an app for exploring the world's culture together.

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A community powered by curiosity

Giraf is people like you, exchanging cultural recommendations and knowledge.

Post what you're into

Share a creative work, event, place, or artist with the community.

Make suggestions

Recommend what else someone might like.


Comment on posts and suggestions.

Give thanks

Thanks, not "likes".


A tool for keeping

Giraf is built to serve your relationship with culture. We're here for the long term.

Save what you find

Keep track of things that seem interesting, so you can check them out later.

Manage your queue

Work through your saved items over time.

Make lists

Any item in Giraf can be added to a list, which you can also post.

Export your data

Your contributions to Giraf are your creations. Export them at any time.
Spotify integration

Integrate your Spotify account

When you save music (or a podcast episode) in Giraf, we'll add it to a playlist in your Spotify account, so you can listen later.

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